Who Am I?

I never thought I would actually admit this, but I have no idea who I am.

I know what I am… An empty-nester, a middle-aged woman (and being menopausal, it makes all of this that much harder to comprehend), a wife, and an unemployed fund-raiser. I am likely soon to become a caretaker, as my mother will be 80 in three weeks, and while she isn’t failing, I know that is in her future.  (Hopefully for her, not in her near future.)

I stand at the edge of a new chapter in my life, having had a wealth of life experience to draw on, but I still don’t really know WHO I am.  I’ve played so many roles in my life I should have been nominated, at least once, for an academy award.  I think that’s the reason I wanted to start blogging.  I wanted to reflect back on some of my “performances,” and hopefully be able to relate to or at least touch somebody out there…

Please join me as I turn the pages back and forward on my journey of discovery!



One thought on “Who Am I?

  1. Val

    I know a few things about you: You’re a poet, and a singer, and a latent hippie. You are a dog-lover, and a beach-comber. You love fiercely, like a lioness! You get lost in yourself sometimes, and you fight to find your way out. That’s why you don’t think you know who you are. Look deeper. You’re in there.


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