The Things that Make Me Happy

Sipping hot coffee at the break of day.

Finishing the crossword puzzle, come what may.

Conducting Mozart with a wooden spoon.

Strumming my guitar, an old Bee Gees tune.

Listening to music, be it jazz or big band.

Watching my daughter lend a helping hand.

Or watching her paint another masterpiece,

While taking fried eggplant out of the grease,

Or frosting the top of a chocolate cake,

While my son asks me, what else did I bake?

Watching him chase down another fly ball…

Or discussing the Matrix, Plato and all.

Eating my mom’s cheesecake, though already full.

Talking the stock market, bear or bull.

Sharing bad jokes and memories of life.

And most important of all, being his wife.


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