Is Silence Really Golden?

 Silence can be deafening.  When you’re used to the hubbub of six or eight teenagers of various ages and or gender stomping through the house, raiding the pantry and/or refrigerator, blaring the stereo or jamming with electric guitars, yes… the silence can be unbearable.

 Throughout high school, my son had a series of groups with whom he hung out, depending upon his age and interest at the time.  He was the oldest in his class, and therefore was the first to get his license.  This garnered him a great degree of temporary popularity.  He was, unfortunately, a little naïve about it.  In tenth grade, this first crew hung out, lifted weights and relied on Daniel to drive when they went on late night runs to Denny’s for a snack. 

 As the months passed, the group got smaller and smaller, as each one obtained their own licenses, until the only ones left were his true friends.  This group somehow morphed into a rather noisy bunch, as his junior and senior years devolved into a rowdy musical bunch. 

 Electric guitars and amps started showing up, and eventually started spilling out of his bedroom into my living room.  I didn’t mind at all, as they actually included me, allowing me to participate on keyboard (I knew that baby grand piano which served as the centerpiece of my living room all those years would eventually come in handy).  My husband, on the other hand, would retreat into the family room on the other side of the house.  He did not relate to music in any way.  There is not one song that evokes an emotional memory for him, and that’s sad, but he’s fine with it.

 To this day, I can’t get the song “Stairway to Heaven” out of my head, for the four hours Daniel spent in front of his computer, with a guitar on his lap and the music on the monitor, attempting to learn the intro to the song.  There are times, in the deafening quiet, when the only sound I hear is the soft drone of the television in the family room (almost always college basketball) and the sound of the dog softly snoring, when I would give ANYTHING to hear that beautiful music.


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