Can’t Think, Can’t Write.

Once, in a creative writing class, the assignment was to write in total stream-of-consciousness.  It was an exercise in writing down whatever comes to mind, as it comes to mind, and then trying to read it back and follow the thought patterns.  It made for some interesting fodder for essays and stories and such throughout the semester.


But, have you ever found yourself lost in thought and wondered how you got to thinking what you were thinking?    This is the misfortune of writers like me, who have the pattern of peripatetic mind.  Have you ever driven home from work and missed your exit because you were lost in thought?  Or ran a stop sign because you weren’t paying attention?  Or maybe even substituted salt for sugar in a recipe because it looked the same, but you didn’t stop to read the label?


So now, when I sit down to write, I have to have the story complete in my head before I start, or I’m doomed.  (or the reader is).  When I sat down just now, I began by thinking about the fact that all snowflakes are different.


You figure it out.  And while you’re trying to think of how I got from one idea to the other, keep in mind that the title was supposed to be A Snowflake in the Sun.

Blown Away

Having spent the last 42 years of my life living in South Florida, I’ve gotten used to certain weather patterns.  The winters are mild, and we are lucky if we get to wear a sweater three or four days a year.  The onset of spring brings high temperatures and unbearable humidity.  Summer heralds hurricane season.  Over the years, I’ve learned how to prepare, and how not to panic.  I’ve seen a lot of terrible storms hit.  I’ve been lucky.  I’m grateful.

The latest storm in my life has nothing to do with weather, however.  High angry winds have blown the empty nest blog apart, and I am forced, for very personal reasons, to discontinue this particular venture.

I thank my followers for your loyalty, your comments and your criticisms.  You have all made me a better writer.  It is time, though, to redirect my energies in a different direction, one in which I will have total freedom to write what I want, and not be censored or edited.

The storm is over.  The weather is calm.  I’m grateful.  Its my turn to blow off a little steam!