Humor Me

No, this is not going to be a funny entry.  It’s going to be a self-serving one.  For all the times I’ve sit down to my computer to write with a chip on my shoulder or pain in my heart, this time I’m writing feeling blessed and grateful.  And yes, once again, it’s about my children.

 If I’ve written it once, I’ve probably written it a thousand times, as a parent, all I ever wanted for both of my children was for them to grow up to be happy, healthy and productive individuals, leading fulfilling lives.

 Today, my son launched his website and his Facebook page, announcing the opening of his private practice in Mental Health Counseling.  Since he was in tenth grade, he’s been fascinated by the way the human mind works, and his entire life he has possessed the gift of sensitivity to the human spirit.  He is on his way, to say nothing of the fact that he is to marry the love of his life in two short months.  He is happy, productive and fulfilled.

 Yesterday, my daughter began the second of three graduate level internships in her chosen field, Occupational Therapy.  Her first was in a smaller hospital in Gainesville, and if I understand correctly, she was treating trauma victims.  Now she is at an out-patient Pediatric Clinic, and arm of Miami Children’s Hospital.  She stopped by the house last night glowing, or bubbling, I should say, about how she gets to use logic and creative thinking.  I always marveled at how, throughout her life, she was able to see right past anyone’s differences or shortcomings, and make a beeline right to their heart.  She is so right for this career path.  That, too, is to say nothing of the fact that she has found a new spiritual life that has fulfilled her in ways that nothing else has been able to do.

 So I sit here and write.  There were no cute stories or vignettes.  There was no lashing out at my own discontent.  There is no malice, no resentment, and no pain.  I hope I didn’t disappoint.  None of the words rhymed, there was nothing lyrical; just sheer happiness.  I got what I wanted, like those ice skates on my eleventh birthday.