The Blue Thumb

Have you ever heard the expression, “every time someone gets a new hammer, everything around them looks like a nail?”

I know someone like that.  Everything this person gets started with becomes not only a passion, but an obsession.  It doesn’t matter if it’s something to eat or a hobby or a philosophy.  This person has to nail it to the wall.

For me, it has been so hard to watch, because nothing ever really sticks.  It has been a constant search to find the right hammer.  I used to hold the nails in place while the hammer was wielded.  I was just trying to be supportive and helpful.  Somehow, the nails would get wobbly and we’d go on to the next project, find a new hammer, and begin again.

Lately, somebody else handed my friend a hammer.  In fact, the hammer had a sticky resin on the handle.  Suddenly, my friend became, once again, passionate and obsessive.  The only difficulty I had with this new hammer was that the project itself was very self-limiting, and my friend began to forget the lessons learned from all of the other “projects” along the way.  I tried to hold the nails in place, but in an effort to swing so hard with this new hammer, my friend actually missed the whole point, and instead of hitting the nail on the head, hit my thumb instead.  It really hurt me, in so many ways.

I had to stop trying to work on this project.  I had to let go of the hammer and my friend, lest I wind up with a blue thumb… or a black and blue thumb.


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