Happy Birthday Mom

October 22, 2014


Dear Mom:

When I was a tiny baby, I wasn’t aware of all that you did for me. I know you had your hands full with four of us under the age of six.

While I was growing up, I always wanted to be like you. I thought you were beautiful.  I remember going into your closet and trying on your shoes, and leafing through your wardrobe or watching you put on your eye shadow or your nylons.

When I was a teenager, I didn’t have much to say to you. As Milton describes relationships between a lot of girls and their parents… you knew nothing, and Dad knew less.  I loved you, but I couldn’t sit in the same room with you.

When I went away to college, I first realized what a wonderful mom you truly were. You and Dad instilled in me a solid  set of morals and values, a sense of responsibility, and a pretty good sense of who I was (or at least from whence I came).  The self-discovery part, I believe, is ongoing; as well it should be, because when we stop growing, we cease living authentically.

As a young mother myself, I relied on your wisdom, and that of Dr. Spock. Lord knows you had plenty of experience.  I think I did okay raising my own kids.

I watched how you unfolded and went through many changes in your life, and how gracefully you handled them.

Being a woman is not easy. It isn’t today, and it never has been.  We are called upon to play so many different roles in our lives.  You, my dear mother, have nailed it.  With each passing phase in your life, you get stronger and more able to handle what life brings you.

So today, on your birthday, I want to thank you, for the gift you have given me: the example you have set in being a wife, a mother a woman and a human being.  I am so grateful to have you in my life, and I wish you many more years of health, happiness and fulfillment.  I do that selfishly so that I may continue to have you as my mentor, my best friend.