In a Perfect World

In a perfect world, there would not exist any group who feels they are superior, thereby violently attempting to rid the world of anyone in disagreement, calling them infidels.  Nobody would hate anybody because of their religion, color, sexual preference, country or birth, mental/emotional capacity, or any other reason one human being may vary from another.  We are all, at the core, people.  Needless deaths would never happen.  People wouldn’t be killing each other with weapons that were made simply to cause fatal harm.

In a perfect world, perhaps our own government would somehow remember why it was they went to Washington in the first place: to represent the people of their respective states; it wasn’t to WIN, it wasn’t to beat the opposing party, it wasn’t to save their jobs, and it wasn’t to save face.  It was to govern for the people… after all; they were elected by the people.

But this isn’t a perfect world.

In our world, extremism is not only spreading and infiltrating democratic countries, its being quietly funded by enemies of the same.

Hate is not only tolerated but it is perpetuated and validated by elected (?) officials.

Incidences of gun violence, including mass murders, continue because governments are held in check (with a financial strangle hold) by special interest groups like the NRA, and elected (?) officials lie to their base about their opposition’s desires to strip them of their constitutional rights.  How about stiffening the laws so that automatic weapons cannot be converted into submachine guns?  How about selling hunting rifles and handguns only???   Why not make background checks even tougher?  Haven’t we had enough?

No, this is not a perfect world.

People get shunned, beaten up or even killed because they’re different.  Hate crimes need to be enforced.

Nobody seems to care about the environment.  Please explain why science can prove so much but it isn’t enough to create legislation to make this world green.  There are plenty of jobs in green energy as opposed to coal.  Why did we just suffer through Harvey, Irma and Maria?  Storms that were “the likes of which we’ve never seen before.”

All it takes is training.  And our construction industry would have Houston, the Keys and Puerto Rico rebuilt a whole lot faster if there were an incentive for young people to work with their hands instead of looking for a high minimum wage to flip burgers.  All it takes is training.  (And by the way, training them would create teaching jobs).

People wouldn’t have to suffer needlessly from financial ruin, trying to pay for their healthcare; nor would they have to lose sleep fearing that they would lose their insurance coverage altogether.  Instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater, try working together (on a bi-partisan basis) on healthcare.  Work together on budgets, and anything else that affects the well being of ALL Americans could make things better.

Nobody ever achieves perfection.  If that were the case, then we would stop trying.  But why not try for excellence?  I believe that was the intention of those who braved the seas, fought a revolution and crafted a constitution.  In my humble opinion, we are letting them down more and more with each passing day.