Out of Hibernation

One would think that late fall is the wrong time to emerge from hibernation.  One would be right.  The weather is getting colder, the food resources are more scarce.  I do, however, have a good reason for showing my face (or my blog) after a lengthy slumber.

I’ve been engaged in a laborious process, albeit a labor of love, and hereby present my first attempt at a short novel.  While I have had a wonderful time blogging for the past few years; while I have appreciated all of my followers and thoroughly enjoyed reading so much quality writing here at WordPress, I wanted to spread my wings.

I have a new website, where I have begun blogging (WordPress as well), at www.jtfisherauthor.com but even more exciting, I have released my first novel!

It was originally based on some of the direction my blog was taking me, and evolved 747632_mockup1_coverinto fiction along the way.  I hope you’ll give it a read.  Currently it is available in Hard and Cover at: Life Rich Publishing/Reader’s Digest , or Amazon , and soon to be available for e-readers.

I’d love some feedback from my original community!

Write on!!!!!